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I'm just a Cajun boy from south Louisiana who moved out west in search of adventure. I'm a passionate competitive cyclist with a love for pain and have learned that all of the good things are on the other side of tired. My love for photography is a result of my endless search for adventure and desire to communicate the joy and value that it brings to my life. My wife, Elizabeth, and I, along with our two dogs, live a highly active lifestyle that leads to endless opportunities to capture amazing adventure style photos and videos. We love skiing, climbing, cycling, trail running, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping and backpacking. There is honestly no adventure that we aren't willing to tackle. 

I'm a mechanical engineering consultant and I'm fortunate that my career allows me a great amount of freedom to explore and travel. As a photographer I work with brands, athletes and companies to help deliver them photo content of the highest caliber. I've worked terribly hard to become highly skilled and fit so that I can travel under human power to hard to reach places. I find that some of the most beautiful places to capture content is often in regions that aren't always friendly to human powered activity. If you'd like to know more, contact me below and follow me on Instagram @markcleblanc

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